Insulated metal panels are becoming increasingly prevalent in commercial and industrial construction. Insulated metal panels, in simple words, consist of a foam core sandwiched between two metal skins.

These panels are used to create wall and roof systems for a vast variety of buildings such as airport hangars, cold storage facilities, large warehouses, etc. Insulated metal panels, or IMPs are not only popular among building owners but designers, architects, and contractors prefer them as well, Insulated metal panels offer features that are beneficial to all parties.

Single Manufactured Unit

One of the biggest reasons IMPs are so common among project designers and contractors is because they are delivered to the site factory-assembled, pre-cut and ready to erect. These insulated metal wall and roof systems are a single manufactured unit. Due to this, setting them up is easier and quicker than your traditional wall & fiberglass insulation systems. For the project owners, labor cost savings, better in-place quality, and shorter project schedules are just some of the added perks.

Insulating Foam Core

Each insulated metal panel consists of an insulating foam core. This core allows insulation efficiency which leads to energy cost savings, owners save on building heating and cooling costs. This core also ensures the long-lasting high-load performance of the insulation system.

Metal Skins

Each panel’s core is sandwiched between two metal surfaces. These metal surfaces not only provide great moisture resistance but also offer unmatched design flexibility. The design flexibility is the biggest reason designers love to work with IMPs. Architecturally, the vast design options give the designers freedom to experiment with the color, finish, and architectural features. The skins give the panels commendable weather integrity, a warranted finish, and a vapor barrier that ensures durability and long operational life.

Lightweight Design

Insulated metal panels are a combination of foam and metal, resulting in a lightweight design. IMPs are easy to handle, require lighter foundations, and have lower dead load requirements. The lightweight design also minimizes labor and saves on material costs.

Concealed Attachments

Insulated Metal Panel Wall and roof systems have concealed fasteners and attachments. Due to the concealed nature, these fasteners are well protected from the natural elements. This protects against rusts and allows for product longevity.

Specific Joints

IMPs are highly flexible as can be used in horizontal and vertical positions. The specific joinery of insulated metal panels improves the product’s weather integrity and design flexibility; specifically parameters such as joint size and orientation.

The features of IMPs are many and the matter of fact is that these panels are beneficial for owners, designers, and contractors alike.  If you’re interested in using Insulated Metal Panels in your next construction project, Allied  can help. Get in touch now to find out more!

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