Insulated Metal Panels are used in:
Office/Banks, Warehouses, Healthcare Facilities, Manufacturing, Education, Government Buildings, Recreation Facilities, Transportation, Hospitality, and more!

Commercial and Industrial Use: Insulated Metal Panels are ideal for all types of commercial and industrial buildings including institutional, recreational, government buildings, and manufacturing facilities. Projects from schools to retail centers to power plants, benefit from the unique energy efficient insulation, lightweight construction, durability, and cost-effective, time efficient installation of single-component Insulated Metal Panels.

Architectural Applications: Architectural IMPs have the normal attributes of other commercial and industrial segments such as high insulation values, speed-of-build, vertical and horizontal applications but incorporate options such as custom shapes and widths, special custom colors, custom finishes, and custom fabrication. IMPs provide architects freedom to create their unique building designs.

Cold Storage: Insulated Metal Panels are considered the ultimate solution for climate-controlled facilities. Whether the need is for manufacturing, processing, storage, or distribution of perishable food or other materials, an IMP wall has the answer. Available in panel thicknesses from 3” to 6”, a wall can be designed to meet your specific thermal performance requirement. Additional features include – long spanning capability, flat and ribbed shaped panels, high performance coatings and special joint designs and details to meet safe hygiene and contamination requirements.

Insulated Roof: IMPs are the roofing solution that provides greatest insulation, simplest maintenance and longest life coupled with quickest installation for low- and high-rise commercial and industrial roofing applications. The essentially two-step installation process limits exposure to accidents, reduces the number of installation steps and materials required and provides a roof with superior insulation properties that can last more than four decades.